National Dealer Alliance Group’s F&I training will enable your F&I manager to quickly discover customer needs, demonstrate how a particular product will benefit a particular customer, and overcome objections, while enhancing the customer’s F&I experience. By ensuring every option is offered and explained, and customer needs are filled, you can dramatically increase your F&I Sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.


The Advanced F&I class is designed specifically for experienced F&I managers and will enable F&I managers to take individual performance and profits to the next level. As part of an elite group of professionals, each manager in attendance will have the opportunity to draw upon the knowledge of other successful F&I managers, as well as hone their individual selling skills. F&I Professionals, are not only responsible to serve the customer's interests and increase dealership profitability, but must also strive to achieve a mastery of their profession through continuing education.


National Dealer Alliance Group’s Sales Training goal is simple: develop professionals in sales. To achieve that, we teach established, very effective and proven processes salespeople can follow every time. These established processes with any type of buyer - will take them from greeting of the client all the way to the delivery. The focus is to develop a sales associate that becomes a high achievers in sales by teaching them the core principles of selling - and by developing the skills they need to leave class and start selling more units the rest of their career.


A well-trained staff is not only your best line of defense against lawsuits and regulatory actions, but allows the dealership to increase customer satisfaction and protect your bottom line through consistent processes. It is absolutely essential to keep the dealership's staff well-informed about all of the laws and regulations governing our industry, workplace harassment, advertising, F&I compliance, and other complex legal issues. Ongoing training is necessary to help maintain compliance with stringent federal and state legal requirements. New laws are enacted continually that affect the way a dealership must run its business. Not only are dealerships required to abide by these regulations, but they must keep their personnel well-informed on their legal responsibilities.


Recent studies have shown that almost all car buyers shop online before they visit a dealership. Client and dealership employee interaction is just as likely to occur online, by phone rather than on the dealership property. Our workshop provides the right tools, processes and training to address how to handle these customers. The training we provide if done correct, will drive sales, save you money and increase your revenue.


The retail automotive world has changed enormously over the past decade with the arrival of new technology resources. With these resources dealers now have more tools at their disposal to enable their employees to provide every single customer with a higher level of service whether it’s in service, parts or the collision center.

National Dealer Alliance Group’s service and fixed operations workshops is the best way to create, develop and increase your staff’s production to create more revenue in your parts, service and collision center. In return, your customers will want to return to your dealership for all of their automotive needs.